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What Do You Need In This Moment?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I pause to ask myself this at least once a day just to do a quick check in.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the building of our lives or businesses that we can miss the beauty that's right in front of us.

This isn't to say we need to stop creating, dreaming, building or doing the internal and external "work" it takes to have the life we truly desire, no.

What it is saying is to check in with where our "Being" is while we are Doing.

See our intention, attention and focus direct where we place our energy. Our energy is our true power. The place our beingness comes from and the the only way Doing can ever truly happen.

It's this energy, the energy we hold for the "Doing" we are in the action of that will always determine the fate of the task at hand.

How does it feel when you ask yourself what you need?

Be present with it.

Hold space for it.

These check in’s have reshaped my entire life and business and this is just the beginning of some of the major shifts that come from working closely with our coaches inside The Way.

We are going to be opening up a very limited amount of One on One Coaching with more room being available inside our Group Coaching Portal.

If you'd like to discuss what that looks like on a safe, welcoming clarity call with me or my team personally then go ahead and schedule a call below.

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There's some incredible people in this world and I feel truly blessed to have known them, coached them, been coached by them and call them family.


You are not creating or manifesting a new reality you are simply developing a better relationship with a reality that already exist.

We're here to support you in doing just that.

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Ps. This is real life or is it heaven?

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