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Perception, Your Own Island of Reality.

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

We each live on our own island of reality called perception.

Our perceptual lens colors all our conversations and every circumstance or situation we are involved in. (You might picture a unique pair of sunglasses custom-made for every island.) In any situation, each individual involved will experience the event differently, basing their thoughts about the matter on their own perception, assumptions, and interpretation. How it affects them may even change from day to day.

We miss important input during our interactions with others. Because we don’t know what is in the other person’s mind, we use our imagination to fill in the gaps. Let’s say our significant other is in a bad mood from a hard day at work and doesn’t want to talk about it. We take their silence personally and think it’s about us. So we start an argument, simply because we filled in the gaps in what the other person didn’t say.

All of us do this, whether we want to or not, because we’re not mind readers, and because our minds tell us that the unknown is scary, dangerous, and not to be trusted. Thus we constantly size up, judge, and categorize each person we come across. We inventory any changes we perceive in a person, then readjust our mental image of them. This moment-to-moment perceptual realignment has been developed to give us a sense of safety.

The dilemma here is that we can never fully experience other people as long as we view them through our perceptual lens. Our ideas of someone and who they actually are can be worlds apart. So we must come to realize that because we’re always lacking information, we never know someone else’s complete truth. Once we understand this, we can begin to let go of our expectations and opinions.

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Rather than assuming, misinterpreting, or purely making up what we believe has occurred, we can ask for clarification. We can consciously choose to bridge the perceptual gap between ourselves and others by communicating with them. Your own island of reality may be a beautiful one or a nightmare. But it can only be visited by another if you choose to acknowledge that your reality is based on your own perception. Then you can begin to welcome others into your reality, and in turn, visit theirs.

Ask yourself: How is my island of reality changing my interactions with others?


You are not creating or manifesting a new reality you are simply developing a better relationship with a reality that already exist.

We're here to support you in doing just that.

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