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About Bearn


Bearn is a unique new app you download on your smartphone that rewards you for exercise and other healthy behaviors with actual cash and/or savings on premium products and services. Bearn is also building the first-ever credit score for your health.

This score runs alongside optional full-body scanning that creates your own personal 3-D avatar that delivers insightful biometric data on your health, fitness and wellness.



Earn while you burn...


One of the best ways we can motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle is by giving you the tools to monetize your own health and fitness! We’ll build it but you have to BEARN it!



...but stay balanced!


Being healthy isn’t just about being fit. Yes, you’re going to feel better by eating right and exercising, but to feel good there’s more you have to do. Having a full healthy lifestyle needs to be your priority. Taking care of your body, but also your mind and general well-being.



Saying that, we’re so glad you’re with us


Now that you’re a Bearn insider, you’ll be among the first to know about upcoming new features! We can’t wait to share key product updates and special announcements with you.



To get started, follow the steps below

Step 1

Download the Bearn app from the app store

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Step 2

Sign up by creating your new account. Make sure to click "Sign up" and not "Sign in."


Step 3

Make sure to confirm the email address registered to your new Bearn account by opening up your email and clicking Confirm my Account.



Integrations, features, and functionality details



iOS Wearable Integrations

This version will synchronize with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and GoogleFit — but if you have another wearable it’s likely you can synchronize with it by using the Apple Health feature that came with your smartphone.


Android Wearable Integrations

This version will synchronize with Samsung Health, Fitbit, and GoogleFit - but if you have another wearable it is likely you can synchronize with it by using the Samsung Health feature that came with your smartphone.


App Usability Details during soft launch

  • Bearn rewards active calories burned — this means if your phone is tracking steps, flights, and distance, the app will convert your activity to calories burned.

  • During soft launch, we are currently paying out at a 1/4 penny per active calorie burned. As we scale and move out of soft launch, the earning potential will scale as well.

  • We’ve set the cash-out threshold at $5 in earnings per day during soft launch. When you burn and earn and reach $5 in earnings the app will notify you by displaying a cash-out button and will prompt you to engage with an advertiser on whatever level you choose in order to cash-out and deposit your earnings to either (a) your bank, or (b) your PayPal. The clock resets every 24 hours from the time you cash-out until you can cash-out again.

  • Not all cash-out categories earn you cash. We have friendly pop-ups in the app to help guide and educate you on all the offers available and how they work.

  • If you experience any technical issues, please use the feedback option under our menu options in the app to submit feedback.

  • You can also email them at support@bearncorp.com.




To download Bearn, open this email on your smart phone and choose your platform

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- Corey Gladwell and The BEARN Team

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