Hi, I'm Corey.


I've had it all, lost it and had it all again. I've traveled the world looking for answers and then found them all within. After a decade+ of this entrepreneurial path, dozens of businesses, hundreds of successful clients I still find the greatest joy in leading my clients through their Journey to Sovereignty. What does fulfillment mean to you? How will true financial independence change your life?

My Story


You had it all and got bored.

So you decided to create a dream where you would forget how easy, beautiful and accessible all things are so you could have an adventure.

A dream world of being stuck in "time" with a supposed past and a possible future.

A dream where you had a body in this thing called space to play in.

A dream where you purposely made yourself forget how powerful you are so could find joy in finding out your power again.

You're still in this dream we call life.

You have and always will have everything you've ever wanted.

All you have to do is remember.
All you have to do is wake up.



Corey's been using his love for people to continuously grow and scale companies over the last few decades allowing him to live a life of Joy, Freedom and Sovereignty.

  • With 17 years in business development owning and exiting 3 brick and mortar companies.

  • 15 years within the real estate industry.

  • 8 years owning and operating his full service advertising firm SyntropyINC.

  • 5 years within the cryptocurrency space and 2 years in the decentralized world now nicknamed the metaverse.

 Join him for a virtual class and start smiling your way to your life goals.


He's spent 1000's of hours deep meditation, becoming a 4X international best selling author, running a world class advertising firm and turned his own journey of building heaven on earth into a visionary and transformational tool to reshape life and business aptly named The Way.


He wants nothing less than to have all people actualize the self through all mediums and to never have to again experience the emptiness that comes from being unfulfilled internally so they can have success externally and make it last.

Corey has also written the Best Selling Books The Human Experience, Enlightened Entrepreneurs, What If and The Way Home. To find out more about Corey follow him on social @Coreysgladwell.


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